A City Bus and Two Strangers: Our Love Story

Hi! Thank you for all of the positive responses to the starting of this blog. I am very humbled that you would take time to get to know our family’s story. I have had people write me and approach me with encouragement and kindness. I was not expecting so many people to take interest and I want to thank you. We are certainly feeling the love. (smiley face, heart eyed emoji).

I’ve been contemplating what my next post should be about. There have been several instances in which I have told Danny, I wish I could explain or share (event) with others. But as I sit here to write, they escape me. So I will share an oldy, but a goody: How Danny and I began our Lindsay Life. Side note, Olive loves seeing buses; especially the blue city bus. Which always strikes me as funny, because she wouldn’t be here had it not been for one such bus.

One day, exhausted, I went home from work, ate a quick bite, and fell asleep on the couch. My mom came home later that evening after small group. Half awake I told her hey. She greeted me with, you won’t believe what I did today; you might be mad. Oh geez, I thought. Let’s see where this goes.

She went on to explain that while riding the city bus home, she had struck up a conversation with a nice lady. While getting to know each other, the discussion naturally led to sharing about their families. One of them had a nice son, looking for a nice girl. The other one had a nice girl her son might like. They decided to exchange our numbers.

I honestly didn’t know what to think. This was out of the ordinary for my mom. She gave me his name, shared everything she knew about him and handed me his number. I decided the responsible thing for me to do would be to research him on Facebook. Given his name and the other details shared, I was able to find him. From looking through his pictures, I began to imagine who he was as a person and I liked what I saw. I requested to be his friend. While on deployment, he accepted. He later sent me a message, asked if I had been to any Royals games that season and shared that he was planning on going to one when he came home from Iraq in a couple of weeks. Messaging turned into texting.

When he got back to the states, he invited me to go to the Royals game with him and his friends; I accepted. My meet up with the stranger my mom gave my number to was a fun topic of conversation amongst friends and coworkers. We were all curious how it would go.

The day of the game came, I was completely nervous. He came to my door, smiled and said hey. [Side bar, yes I let a stranger pick me up from my house. I would advise you not to do likewise. Not because of my experience but because honestly that’s crazy. You don’t know that person and don’t know what they could do. Disclaimer aside, back to the story.] One day months later, I shared with Danny that when he came to my door, the first thing I noticed was his calves and “man” voice and I was hooked. He still likes to give me crap about it to this day, but there you have it.

Before heading to the game, we stopped at Sonic for a drink. Something I really appreciated; it allowed us sometime to talk just the two of us before meeting up with his friends. We had a great night, with good conversation and some joking. I was really into him, but didn’t think he would be into me. He had just got back from a year long deployment and I figured he’d want to play the field; maybe he had a girl he was into before he left. I didn’t know.

As he was walking me to the door, I was trying prepare myself for it was nice to meet you, I had fun, I’ll talk to you later (but not really). Not because he was acting as if he didn’t enjoy our time together, but because I wasn’t very confident in myself. He turned to me, said he had a good time, hugged me and said we should do something again. Eek! I did a mental happy dance, agreed, went inside my house and did a real happy dance.

Over the next week, we went on a couple of dates, met parents and became a Facebook official couple (that’s how you know it’s real). We have been together since. I really love telling this story. For me, our meeting wasn’t happen stance. For me, it proves God’s hand in my life. It’s no coincidence our moms were riding that city bus together and struck up a conversation that day. It’s no coincidence that their meeting happened when Danny and I were both single and ready to settle down. And it’s no coincidence that our meeting led us to be gifted as Olive’s parents. God is good.

4 thoughts on “A City Bus and Two Strangers: Our Love Story”

  1. Loved that you shared this story. Lol, I still remember Pam and I both saying our kids were not going to be very happy with us, and that neither one of us had ever given out our kid’s phone numbers! But we had nothing to worry about, you are right it was truly meant to be!

  2. I love your blog. I have told this story to many but you do a much better job. I am so proud to be your Aunt. What an amazing young lady you are.

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