Reflecting on an Extended Thanksgiving Break

This post comes to you after an extended Thanksgiving break with my little.  Thanks to an atypical blizzard, I got an extra two days with Olive.  Let’s just say, the snow day call comes with different feelings when you are a stay at home mom vs being a teacher.

I wish I had kept a daily log.  Something to the effect of…

Day 1: Olive and I went to the zoo with friends.  The girls mostly ate snacks while the animals stayed inside where it was warm.

Day 2: Olive skipped nap while Thanksgiving party hopping.  She became delirious at night and began sharing any and every story she could think of.  Please let this child sleep in.

Day 3: She did not sleep in.  Up at 6:05.  I have to get her out of the house.  No library program, what am I going to do?

Day 4: Olive has decided she needs a new way to get my attention: Hey mommy, tlick, tlick, tlick (you know, the noise you make when calling an animal over).  She insists on using it anytime she wants me.

Skip ahead… Evening of Day 6: Thank goodness we have dance class.  We are out of the house, when I get the text, call and email: no school again tomorrow.  Lord be with me.

Day 7: Olive has a playdate at our house.  She pouts because her friend turned her bedroom light on, not her.

Can you relate?  I love her crazy big; but, in those moments, I coveted my alone time.  And now as I sit here in reflection while she is at school, I wish I had used our time together more meaningfully.

It’s not that we didn’t have memorable moments; I guess I just wish I had been more present.  Let go of the mental to do list.  Let go of impatience with Olive’s emotional growth (I feel like that’s a better way to word breakdowns and fit throwing).  Let go of personal expectations that I was not fulfilling.  Smiled more.  Laughed more.  Played more.  Listened more.

Going into the Christmas season, future breaks and probable snow days, my hope is to make sure Olive and all others (friends and family) know that I enjoy their company.  To laugh, smile, play and listen.

I wasn’t quite sure where I was going when I began this post.  But, I think I will wrap it up here and leave you with one more thought.  My posts are personal reflections.  Thoughts I hope others can relate to.  Thoughts others can say me too, you’re not crazy Jenny.  Or vice versa.  I am humbled that you would be interested in reading my musings.  And I hope this leaves you well.

God is good.

6 thoughts on “Reflecting on an Extended Thanksgiving Break”

  1. TOTALLY relate! Finding the balance is a daily challenge. Do we work on cleaning the house up together(for my sanity and hopefully teach responsibility) or let go of mess and let them play first, sure to make memories of plain old fun with them instead? Sometimes I choose the 1st and we struggle through. Sometimes I choose the 2nd and we make those memories. Either way, I hope both lessons last a lifetime and they learn to approach any assignment with creativity and fun. Sigh. I can hope. I guess I won’t know until they’re grown and retell me their childhood highlights. By the way, since mine are older, they went out by themselves several times during the extended break and we went on an adventure to find a great sledding hill yesterday out of town. It was amazing! When you have really littles, you sometimes feel like the tunnel of dependency will last forever. But the light of independence at the end of the tunnel comes quicker than you think. At times you will relish in the moment of freedom and the ability to breath and feel by yourself. Other times, it will catch you off guard and you will find you’re not ready to let go quite yet. Being a mom is a beautiful, wonderful, challenging, emotional assignment. You’re rocking it!

    1. Thank you for sharing your me too moment. You nailed it on the head. This transition from dependencey to being independent can be a hard one to navigate. Especially since we are not quite sure what independence will look like for Olive in the near and distant future. I have found myself missing some of the things she used to need me to do for her, but also being extremely grateful for the strides she has and continues to make.
      And thank you for the encouragement. I strive to be a decent mom; don’t know that I am rocking it. But it sure feels great to hear. 🙂 You are rocking it as well!

    1. I didn’t even realize that’s what was bothering me about not feeling present until I reached the end of the post.
      Sitting down and writing has been such a gift. It has allowed me the opportunity to really think about events and people in my life and why I feel the way I do and then put words to it.
      Thank you for sharing your me too with me. It is encouraging to know I am not alone. 🙂

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